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quartz countertops

Quartz is a material that is on the rise and installed on several countertops in many houses. But can quartz be installed outdoors?

The quartz material manufactured with high resistance composed of more than 90% of quartz, is the 10% of resin and pigments, for this reason there are several types of colors available.

However, quartz surface cannot be applied outdoors, the resin that is part of the composition of the plates is affected by intense solar radiation, and may suffer a change in color.

Solvents and chemical agents are products that do not combine with quartz. Avoid using removers, lubricating oils and oven cleaners. If contact occurs, wash the surface immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

Now that you know that Quartz is not recommended at all for installation outdoors, you can choose granite, granite is a natural rock and very resistant to heat and solar radiation.

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