Carrara Tuscany


Carrara Tuscany Quartz is a highly sought-after engineered quartz stone that finds extensive use in construction projects. Crafted to resemble the exquisite appearance of natural Carrara marble, which originates from Tuscany, Italy, this type of quartz offers an elegant and luxurious aesthetic.

Composed of 90% natural quartz mixed with resins and pigments, these slabs possess outstanding durability. They boast remarkable resistance against scratches, heat damage, and tough stains. Available in various sizes and thicknesses, Carrara Tuscany Quartz proves versatile for different applications such as countertops, flooring solutions or wall cladding projects. KB Countertops proudly presents an extensive assortment of slab sizes along with unique patterns specifically catering to your preferences.

With its remarkably realistic marble-like look, Carrara Tuscany Quartz introduces a touch of opulence combined with sophistication into any space it adorns. Additionally, it stands out due to being low maintenance, sparing you with any worries about sealing requirements. Its high-performance characteristics make it the perfect choice even for areas exposed to heavy foot traffic.

All our prices include :

  • Material
  • Template
  • Cutting
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
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