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marble countertops

Marbles at home have many applications, and in each environment a different charm and special use.


Use and abuse the different types of marbles and granites on countertops, support vats, niches, sinks and more.

Porous stone, like marble, is the best option for the bathroom, to give that chic air to the environment and to suggest to your home or office visitors that you were concerned with using the best handmade stone.

In the bathroom, KB Factory outlet installs marble on the floor, countertop or wall, depending on your project, respecting the coordinates of your architect's project. Count on KB Factory Outlet experts for special tips on colors, cuts and exclusive finishes.

white marble countertops
black marble countertops


Always classic and sophisticated, marbles allow you to give your kitchen a new look. Apply them to the wall, floors, countertops and counters, with dark and light colors.

KB Factory Outlet recommends that, in the kitchen, you use dark colored and low absorption marbles to avoid unpleasant stains. Emperdor Dark marble is one of the most requested and perfect for your kitchen.

Living room

For that special touch, invest in the marble on your fireplace wall or to cover it completely; on the long bench in the living room; as a TV panel; on the stairs leading to the dorms; and on the floor. Personality to the environment!

Marble is a beautiful, noble and timeless material, so your living room deserves the presence of this unquestionably refined stone. The possibilities are diverse and can contribute to the decoration of this environment, including furniture, TV panels and sculptures. With an elegant look, marble combines with wood, metal and even acrylic.

marble countertops
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