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As kitchens with islands are or not there is a new one that concerns the architecture of environments. Its different models are ideal to produce a more modern and cozy environment.


Space is one of the advantages that can be found in the design of kitchens with islands. Since the countertop is positioned in the center of the kitchen, circulation within the environment is facilitated. In addition, the cooktop and sink, in general, are positioned on the bench.

Therefore, kitchens with islands are ideal for those looking to take advantage of the space with functionality. Something important to note, in this sense, is that architects consider a 9m² room ideal for setting up a kitchen with an island.

quartz island countertop
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The organization of the environment is one of the advantages that can be found in installing kitchens with islands. However, for this factor to prevail, it is important to consider what equipment will be part of the kitchen with an island and what will be their disposition.

Regarding the spaces between the work surfaces, consider the placement of cabinets and countertops with a gap that allows two people to pass between them.

Countertops with different stones

In general, they can be composed of natural stones, such as marble. In this stone, impurities are prevented from overtaking to the deepest part of the material. Therefore, they are concentrated only on the surface, which facilitates the sterilization of the place where the bench is positioned. Thus, the choice of stone is directly related to the way in which the cleaning should be carried out.

island countertop
quartz island countertop


Considering that the kitchens with islands have more distant furniture and appliances, allocated according to their functions, lighting becomes an advantage. It is possible to orient it so that different sources of light can be built. In the case of tables or benches, the pendants are quite suitable.

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