Frequently Asked Questions

Your countertop's cost will be determined by the type of stone selected from any three of our store locations, and the square footage required for your project. For example, if you choose a stone that costs $65/sq. ft. and your project is a total of 60 sq. ft., your countertop's estimated cost will be $3900. Any additional costs associated with the project will be dependent on the customer's requirements.

Our very transparent 5-step process (material selection, templating, layout creation, fabrication, and installation) makes it easy for you to get your new countertops installed within 2 weeks, depending on the project size. From selecting your material, to getting your new countertops installed - we've got you covered.

At KB Countertops, you have the least of worries when it comes to purchasing a new countertop for yourself. You save major costs when purchasing a countertop with KB, because you pay only by the square feet required for your project, where our 5-step process is included within the price! Financing with us is never a problem, with an option to do so 12-months interest-free. Not only do we carry the top-trending, exotic natural stones imported directly from all over the world, but also carry the top quartz brands from within the country. Our top of the line, high-tech machinery allows us to provide you with accurate countertop measures and cuts, with minimal chances of human error. If there is ever an error from our end, we also provide free servicing to fix that error when you submit a service request. Once you become a customer with KB, we also provide servicing with a 10-year warranty (conditions apply) for any service requests with your countertops.

Our turnaround time from getting your countertop project templated, to signing the production approval, and installation is only 2 weeks. For any custom projects, we may require 2-3 weeks.

The templating process involves our skilled templating technician who measures your project space to accuracy using the latest laser-templating equipment. This laser templated document is then further used to create your project's layout using the stone selected. To read more about our 5-step process click here.

Good news is, there are no hidden fees! Our 5-step process is included within the sq. ft. price of the material you select for your project. In the case that there are additional requests from the customer for a custom project, or a requirement that is variant depending on the type of project - there may be additional costs associated with your project.

Yes, we absolutely do! In addition to accepting different forms of payment, we also provide you with an option to finance your countertop through us 12-months interest free!

In certain projects, a seam is required depending on the size of the project, material selection (length and width of the slab), and vein-matching of the cut pieces. The reason seams are required to conjoin two pieces of countertop material, is because it is a logistic challenge to cut an entire piece of countertop in one shape, as well as a transportation challenge due to the countertop pieces weights. Due to safety reasons concerning our installers, we always recommend creating proper seams during installation. Rest assured, our cutting machine cuts your countertop material accurately to ensure there is no mismatch when creating the seam, and our installers are skilled experts that will conjoin seams to perfection. Learn more about how seams are created in our Youtube video.

Marble and Granite are two entirely different materials for countertops. While both materials are excellent to use for countertops, the difference depends on the usage of the countertop. To learn more about the pros and cons of different countertop materials and to understand what countertop material might be the best option for you, visit our Youtube channel.

Our stores are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our Hillsborough (North Tampa) store is open 7 days a week, including Sundays 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. To get more information on store hours and locations, visit Our Locations page.

You don't have to worry about bringing anything when you come to visit our showroom, but it would be helpful if you were able to bring a rough drawing of your countertop project. Our design coordinators will be here to help guide you through the stone selection process, as well as walk you through our 5-step process.

We strictly recommend that the templating process is done after you have completed your cabinet renovations (adding/removing), and/or adding any other fixtures to your project space. Once all the renovations are complete, we send our templating technician to conduct an accurate template measurement of your project space. The reason we recommmend doing it this way is due to the fact that we have to ensure that your project's final template is accurate. If there are renovations made after the final template is conducted, your new countertop may not fit to accuracy.

All our countertop slabs are required to be a minimum of 3 cm as per the industry standards and professional recommendations.

We only carry Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Dolomite, and Soapstone Countertops. To check out our collection, visit our Shop page.

All 3 of our stores have an extensive, hand-picked selection of stones based on area. To check out our stone selection visit our Shop page.

Our installment team usually takes 4-6 hours to complete one installation, depending on the size of the installation as well as the complexity of the project.

Unfortunately, we do not provide tile backsplash options. The only backsplash option we do provide is using the same countertop material for your backsplash, which is also a trending kitchen design idea. To learn more about full-height backsplash, check out our Youtube video.

Yes, we do carry remnants depending on availability at each store location.

Unfortunately, we do not. We only carry Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Dolomite, and Soapstone Countertops.

We are proud that we carry some of the nation's best quartz brands. We work directly with Terranova, Cambria, Umi, Radiant, Silestone, Caesar stone, etc.

Depending on the distributor, a normal ranging quartz slab is 127 inches long x 64 inches tall. They also come in a jumbo size meauring 136 inches long x 72 inches tall.

Typically, natural stone slabs vary in sizes due to the difference in type of material. However, a normal ranging natural stone slab is usually 120 inches long x 70 inches tall.

Not to worry, whenever customers are unaware of which material might suit their project best, our design coordinators will be there every step of the way to guide you through the best material for your project. Our blogs and Youtube channel carry a lot of helpful information that you can browse through prior to visiting our showrooms, so you may have a better understanding of different materials.

We understand that you may need a countertop project done and may not always have the time to visit our showrooms. For your convenience, we do provide free in-house estimates which you can schedule by filling out the form on our website, or give us a call during our business hours.

Yes, our previously used business name was KB Factory Outlet. We have rebranded ourselves to KB Countertops as of 2022, although we provide the same services with addition to many more perks for our customers.

When you request an in-house estimate, our design coordinators will reach out to you and schedule an appointment at your home. The design coordinator will come to your house to measure your countertop project space, and provide you with a basic estimate for your project. If you agree with the estimate provided, a sales agreement may be signed the same day. You would then be required to visit our showroom for stone selection. If you cannot visit our showroom, we can always bring certain stone samples to your home during the scheduled in-house estimate, you will just have to let our design coordinator know prior to scheduling your appointment.
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